Intruder! Most of you have probably heard of "Intruder", you know, the rock band that played at the pep rally? But do you really know the guys in this hard rocking metal/punk band? Intruder has been together for about five months now. The guys in it are drew Krasner, Zach Feaster, Alex Weimer, and Kyle Crimmel. They've written three songs so far. "We're mostly working on cov­ers," says Zach, the lead guitarist. Drew Krasner, a seventh grader, is the youngest mem­ber of the band. He plays back up guitar and is the lead vocalist. Even though he's only been playing guitar for two years and has never had a guitar lesson, he's almost as good as some of the pros. He says he is heavily influ­enced by Blink 182 and one day hopes to play at Ozzfest. Drew rocks out a Epiphone Les Paul Custom black beauty. When asked why he's in a band he an­swers with, "We do it for the girls." Zach Feaster, the lead guitarist, plays an amber sun­burst Jackson electric guitar. "I like Jacksons because of their slim necks and how they sound," he says. Zach has been playing guitar for four years. When asked why he wanted to be in a band, he gave the simple response of "It seemed like the only worth- while thing to do." Zach is heavily influenced by Metallica and, like Drew would love to play at Ozzfest. Although Zach isn't in any other bands, he says, " i play acoustic for my dog." Zach also encourages people to start their own band. Kyle Crimmel plays a ruby red Tama Rockstar Five-piece drum-set. He's been playing drums for four years. Kyle joined Intruder four years ago because he loved to play drums. He is mostly influenced by Sys­tem of a Down and, like the others, hopes to play in Ozzfest. He says he wants to pursue a career in music playing drums. Alex Weimer has been playing bass for two years. He wanted to start a band because he says, " I can't do anything else." He plays an Ernie Ball five-string and sings in the shower. Like Drew, he is also influenced by Blink 182. Drew is soooo hot. He is one of the cutest guys in school. Many girls like him. Remember girls, Drew does not like girls that are pushy so just try to stay out of his space.